Caesar Luxury Summit, organised in partnership with Luxury Adviser Group, is the first international conference dedicated to the Eastern European luxury market, the newest trends and challenges that define it and the practical opportunities that brands can access.

The educational aim of the event concerns both the providers and the consumers that make up the high end market.

In the competitive market that holds the luxury industry, standing out as a brand name is not only difficult, but also vital. Media has saturated the advertising market and decreased the attention span and interest level of consumers towards brands communication, to a point that simply communicating is not enough anymore.


Modern Luxury – International Trends

Our event is composed of two major themes for the luxury industry, preceded by registration, breakfast, socializing, a speech of the event chairman, a key guest and a Q&A session.
The program of the main themes of our event:

Modern luxury products, services & experiences


New online & offline forms of communication and promotion

can be found in more detail in Panel 1 and Panel 2 below.


We will ensure a quick registration procedure for all our guests and welcome them with a delicious continental breakfast


Chairperson Perspective

Teaser of the day

Key speaker 1 (Q&A)


Who is the new luxury consumer?

Building a loyal customer base.

Luxury retail: Recruitment & Management

How to reinforce the desirability of Romania?

Why buy from somewhere else?

Break, Refreshments & Network

Refreshments and networking context to all our guests.


Global Luxury goods market overview

Key global trends and specifics

Luxury market in Romania

Luxury Prospects


A well deserved lunch break to all our guests.


Marketing luxury products through social media

Visual Advertising & Brand Ambassadors.

The effects of celebrity endorsement of luxury brands (Q&A).


How tech is influencing the luxury industry?

Building an online brand experience.

The future of digital culture.


The art of storytelling

Building content that keeps clients coming back.

Maintaining a balance of global and local features.


The Caesar Luxury Summit 2017 Chairman, Mr. Dan Vardie, together with his special guests and the partners of the event will sum up in a 30 minutes speech the actual level of the luxury industry in Romania and emerging markets in south-eastern Europe. They will also draw the new trends and new must-haves for those who want to work or do businnes in the luxury industry.


The most anticipated luxury event in 2017 will have an esquisite and outstanding closing. You will be the spectators of an apotheotic end of the summit, full of style, elegance, glamour, and of course luxury at its highest level.

Just choose a package and join our conference to know about our community more.

EUR 150 + VAT

  • Seat On The Row
  • Coffee Break
  • Refreshments and Network
  • General addmision to all presentations
  • Lunch Break
  • Conclusions regarding Luxury Industry

EUR 250 + VAT

  • +
  • Front Seat Reserved
  • Invitation for 2 people @
    Caesar Awards Gala Dinner 2017

EUR 500 + VAT

  • +
  • Front Seat Reserved
  • Invitation for 2 people @
    Caesar Awards Gala Dinner 2017
  • The opportunity to have lunch in a private setting with international key speakers and meet them in person.

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Become a Sponsor of CAESAR LUXURY SUMMIT 2017

Becoming a sponsor of Caesar Luxury Summit, organised in partnership with Luxury Adviser Group, allows companies to be part of one of the most prominent events that shapes the luxury industry.

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The 12th Caesar Awards Gala 2017, will name the laureates of luxury for 2017 and will offer a new royal elite of diverse fields, being honored by the presence of world-class personalities who have also become new members of the CAESAR club.

The Caesar Awards Gala 2017 will prove the status of the most important event in Romania dedicated to the suppliers and connoisseurs of luxury products and services, as well as to the elite in other diverse fields. The Gala will be hosted at Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest and will bring together over 150 select guests, most of them members of the CAESAR club and subscribers of the magazine with the same name. The role of Distinguished Subscribers is essential because their votes will establish the laureates of each CAESAR Awards. In the past years, the selection of the gala was honored by the presence of first-rate Romanian personalities, such as Mr. Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Mr. Ilie Năstase, but also worldwide presences, in the good tradition of exclusive CAESAR black tie event.

CAESAR is more than a magazine, more than a club, more than an experience.

CAESAR is a spirit of strong identity!

CAESAR is a brand based on excellence. And the title "Best Honoris" is reserved for people who represent the standards of the areas in which they operate. They come from a variety of areas but share the same standard without compromise and are reunited within the CAESAR "Best Honoris" selection.

Among these personalities are Eric Loth (founder Graham Watches), Stefano Macaluso (co-owner Girard - Perregaux), Helmut Buhrle (founder Laura Chavin), Giorgio Grassi Damiani (Damiani Group), Franco Beretta (Beretta Holding SpA), Jean Claude Biver (TAG Heuer), Richard Mille, Tonino Lamborghini, Sandro Boscaini (Masi Agricola) and Fabrizio Giugiaro (Italdesign Giugiaro SpA).

Venue info

Address: ARTMARK Galleries - C. A. Rosetti Street, Nr.5, Bucharest

Contact: +4 0740.202.615

Mail: tatiana@luxury-adviser.ro - Tatiana Balaban

Mail: dan@automedia.ro - Dan Vardie

The Event Starts at: 8:00 AM